Support Personnel Ratios are suited to travellers who:

  • Are mostly independent, with appropriate social skills when out in the general community.
  • Live Independently in own home or with family members or in supported accommodation.
  • Are independent with most daily living activities including toileting, showering and brushing teeth.
  • Can manage a full day of activities.
  • Do not exhibit any behavioural issues or are disruptive.


Support Personnel Ratios are suited to travellers who:

  • Require some assistance with showering, toileting and dressing
  • Require minimal assistance at meal times
  • Need support with spending money
  • Need some prompting to follow instructions
  • Use a mobility aid (such as a walker) when in the community.


Support Personnel Ratios are suited to travellers who

  • Need prompting to pick appropriate clothing and full assistance with dressing.
  • Are not used to dining in restaurants and may display socially unacceptable behaviour such as wandering or taking food from other guests or patrons.
  • Need full support with handling spending money.
  • Only manage shorter days of activities and require prompting to follow instructions.
  • Exhibit behavioural issues or disruptive conduct.
  • Require our full assistance with personal care, meals and need strict supervision in the community. This also includes travellers in manual or electric wheelchairs.
  • Need help being fed by Support Personnel or require having meals cut up or blended.

If you are unsure which category or ratio is appropriate for you, please contact us to discussAspire Supported Holidays reserves the right to change a guest’s suitability for holidays based on a combination of ratio and holiday categories.