Aspire Disability Group has its roots in Supported Holidays, our Director Simon started out as travel agent working for Spencer Travel Group 12 years ago. Shortly after this, Simon’s cousin who has a disability wanted to holiday and when starting to plan this, he realised how few options there were for people with a disability wanting to go on holiday and so Aspire Supported Holidays was born.

However, as his business began to grow, Simon noticed there was a lack of companies providing day support, he wanted to provide that service in a very compassionate way and started to build a family of employees who felt the same way. Simon wants his company to support people through the unknown and equip them with the knowledge and skills of applying for, and utilising the National Disability Scheme (NDIS), so that they can have the best plan possible, and a plan that meets their needs, utilising a range of services that suit the client the best. Aspire Disability group also offers the Woodrising Day Program, headed up by Mel, who has been at Woodrising for the past 3 years. Woodrising is a group program that teaches life skills such as cooking and cleaning in a fun, social and supportive group environment.

Aspire Disability group also offers Day Support, Support in the Community, Social Participation, Short Term Accommodation and Respite as well as having a great team of COS (Co Ordination of Supports). We are based in the Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens and Northern Rivers Regions. 


Meet our team

Simon Crethar Director

Simon is a Travel Specialist who has worked in tourism & hospitality for over 25 years. He
creates all of our wonderful holiday itineraries, negotiates with suppliers and travel
providers, hotels and tour operators, and works closely with our support personnel to
ensure our guests have the best possible holiday experience. Simon’s role also often
involves being the Group Tour Leader, and he has travelled extensively throughout this wonderful world we live in.

                Reanna Bryant General Manager

Reanna is a disability support worker, who specialises in administration and organisation. Reanna has developed an interest in Disability after watching and caring for various disabled family members. Reanna uses her unique skill set to help participants with daily living this includes financial planning, managing and keeping appointments and setting daily routines. Reanna has been involved with managing her family’s business for a substantial amount of time. Reanna has been able to adapt business practices and ensure that all participants have their needs met.

Jane Office & Roster Coordinator

Jane is Aspires Office Roster Co-ordinator and looks after the general administration and accounts. Jane has 30+ years experience in office administration and accounts in a variety of private practises and Government departments and schools.  Jane also has 15 years experience caring and teaching in the disability sector and supports clients in the home, water, gym and encourages adventure and experiences in the great outdoors.  

Kaenarelle Support Coordinator

Kaenarelle is an NDIS Co-ordination of Supports Officer, Kaenarelle has 4 years of experience in this role and 7 Years’ experience as a Support Worker. Kaenarelle decided to specialise in disability after completing a diploma of mental health. Kaenarelle was motivated into specialising in disability support after working as an AIN at a community nursing home and after watching immediate family members struggle to access NDIS related activities. Kaenarelle has been a Foster parent for over 15 years and has rehabilitated 5+ children to leading productive lives. Co-ordinating and managing NDIS plans has become a passion to Kaenarelle as she believes everyone has a right to living a productive life.

Mitchell Support Personnel & Yard Maintenance

Mitch is a disability support worker who specializes in Lawn and yard maintenance. Mitch developed an interest in Disability after watching and caring for various disabled family members. Mitch developed a need to help persons with disability with physical assistance such as yards & lawn maintenance and general maintenance. Mitch can help participants by making sure that they live in a suitable and safe space. Mitch has spent many years watching family perform disability support work and was able to adapt this into his own skill set. 

Travis Support Personnel

Travis is a disability support worker who has worked with vulnerable children for over 10 years. Travis has become increasingly passionate about disability support care after watching the children he cared for thrive. Travis is adept in helping people learn life and job skills. Travis has 15 years’ experience working in the asphalt and party hire industries, this has allowed him to learn and pass on numerous skills such as machine operation, time and money management and OHS regulations. Travis has seen many people suffer with mental health and believes in early intervention. 

Melissa Community Engagement Manager

Mel has worked in the disability industry for the past 6 years. Mel holds certifications in disability support, medication management, first aid and behaviour support. She has had a wide variety of roles including transition to work, program creation, group and 1:1 support. Mel is a passionate support worker who always endeavours to create an environment and programs that are tailored towards learning and personal development.

Viktoria Support Personnel

Viktoria is a Disability support worker with 5 years’ experience. Viktoria developed a passion for disability support work after her son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This gave Viktoria a unique perspective as she had both been the participant and support personnel through the NDIS. Viktoria has spent the last 1.5 years as a kinship Carer, making her adverse in the care for vulnerable children. Viktoria gained experience in conflict resolution whilst studying a bachelor of forensics, although, ultimately decided to pursue a career in Disability support and mental health. 

Sue Support Personnel 

Sue is highly trained and has worked in the disability field for more than three decades. Sue brings experience in medication, epilepsy, diabetes, behaviour management, mental health, manual handling, accommodation services, respite, community access, travel support and transition to work to Aspire Supported Holidays’ collective skill set

Steve Support Personnel

I have been a carer for 12 years & have a multitude of certificates in the discipline. In addition, I have attended several courses in Palliative care & Dementia care & have completed  a 2 year online university course on understanding, living with & prevention of Dementia. I have worked in a facility & community environment in aged, disability & dementia care & I am currently doing 1 on 1 support work.  I respect my clients dignity, identified needs, preferences, independence &  encourage  them with their  choices & decisions

Maddie Support Personnel

Maddie has 5 years experience in the disability sector.  Maddie has extensive experience working with intellectual disabilities and mental health clients.  She brings a touch youth and energy to her clients whilst striving to help her clients kick their personal goals.


Matthew Support Personnel

Matt is an experienced disability worker who is highly experienced in mental health and complexed disabilities.  Matt has an IT background and enjoying working with clients bringing his calm collected, empathetic and energetic personality everyday.

Sarah Support Personnel

Sarah has 5yrs experience in the disability sector.  Sarah brings a youthful energy and bubbly personality welcomed by clients.  Sarahs is extremely apt in household domestic organisation and medical schedules.

Jada Support Personnel

Jada has 5 years experience in the disability sector.  Jada is currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing and has experience working with intellectual disabilities and mental health clients.  Jade is into health, fitness and has extensive knowledge in diabetes. She brings a touch youth and energy to her clients.

Leanne Support Personnel

Leanne has 7 years experience working in the disability sector.  Leanne is currently studying a Diploma of Mental Health and coupled with her lived experience has a unique empathy and understanding of clients mental health issues.  Leanne specialises in empowerment and motivation to encourage clients to live their best lives. 

Paula Support Personnel

Paula is highly trained and has worked in the industry for many year’s. brings experience in medication, epilepsy, diabetes, behaviour management, mental health, manual handling, accommodation services, respite, community access and travel support. Paula has a Certificate IV in Disabilities and of course a First Aid Certificate.

Deborah Support Personnel

Deb has over 22 years of experience in the disability field including mental health, first aid, medication competency, manual handling, advanced first aid, epilepsy, diabetes, and Stoma care.

Deb’s career has included day programs and 1-1 support, carer roles for acquired brain injury, catatonic depression and dementia, pharmacy/dispensary, Scout leader and restaurateur.

Steven Support Personnel

Steven has been working as a professional Social Worker in the health, aged care, child protection, out of home care, disability and NDIS field for over 20 years.  Steven has also worked as a counsellor for both general counselling and also as a problem gambling counsellor and has previously been the treasurer of the NSW council on problem gambling.  His roles have included behaviour support manager, support worker, assessor and consultant.  Steven has been a manger in the health and NGO sector and also in the out of home care field.  Steven has a passion for social justice and inclusion for all people and has a genuine compassion for those facing challenges.